Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Why Frozen Mango Dices are Proving To be a Boon for Dessert Lovers?

Processed and fresh mango is very much in demand all over the world. One of the reasons for its vast export is, that mango is not produced in all the countries. There are very few countries which experience out of the world harvest. India is one of those countries which specialises in production of mango. In fact there is a surplus of production in many years and that is the time when mango is best to be processes and exported. Mango can be processes in many ways. They can be pulped and canned, or they can be used as frozen mango dices

It might sound very straight forwards however it has to go through a lot of processes. Since processes mangoes are mostly exported therefore, the industry needs to keep in mind the quality standards without compromising on the taste and flavour of the fruit.

Now a days due to advancement in technology mango Dices are processed with the use of state of the art technology and are frozen by using cryogenic technology.

When mango dices are frozen with the help of cryogenic technology the fruit when thawed does not become soggy and neither dies it change its texture, which is very common when mechanical frozen technique is used. In case of cryogenic freezing technology a tunnel freezer is installed which consist of liquid nitrogen? This freezes the mango dices instantly without getting in contact with the atmosphere. The best part about this technology is that more than 7000kgs of mango dices can be freeze in one working day.

Due to instinct freezing with the help of cryogenic technology which freezes the mango dices in 10-12 minutes helps the fruit retain all the properties that of a fresh fruit. Many exporter of fresh mango dices makes sure that they follow an extensive 5 step process which consist of washing the fruit when picked in order to remove all kind of dust particles as well as any microbial. Later the mango pulp is removed and the skin and the stone is separated. After that the pulp is cut through a mechanical machine in a uniform manner specifically in strips and dices. Before the mango dices are put into freezer they are washed and drained so that there is no excess water. Once they are frozen they are immediately packed into packets and containers and stored in sub-zero temperature. If all the steps are followed the frozen mango dices can be used until 2 years.

Processing of mangos are not only in demand in those countries where mangoes are not produced but also in counties where there is ample supply of mangoes. The reason behind this is that the frozen mango dices is easier to use and are of high quality. Frozen mango dices can be used straight from the container for preparing dessert and other items.

If you are looking to slice or dice mango at home then all you have to do is invest in a smart dicer which very evenly dices the mango. If you are not sure of investing in a dicer then try the traditional way of using a knife and a chopping board. The process remains the same, that is wash the mango, peel the mango,deseed the mango and then evenly cut into dices.

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